1979 Honda CX500

The bike is a one owner, 1979 Honda CX500 Deluxe purchased from the original owner. We had a vision for what we wanted it to look like, and it all started with a custom seat we had made. The colour was kind of the driving force behind the whole aesthetic. The stock front fender, and frame has been cut and de-tabbed, a hoop custom made for the rear and the battery relocated in a box we made and mounted below the engine for better centre of gravity. The CX has a weird frame shape at the rear of the seat so blending the hoop required cutting a couple angled pieces and welding them in to make the transition look more natural. We wanted to play with finishes and textures and use different media/coatings as much as possible, the yellow headlight, using satin black on the engine playing off the gloss black powder coating on the valve covers and frame and wheels. Having the exhaust coated in Tungsten Cerakote and having a custom walnut ring inlay commissioned to fit around the ignition. Just small details you have to look for. We threw on a set of superbike bars because it needed to be comfortable to ride and updated all the hand controls from the old stuff. Using the stock Honda CDI as the framework we wired a brand new simplified wiring harness for the bike. As far as engine work, the top end has been refreshed, custom 2 into 1 exhaust, re-jetted carbs with pods and an electric fan conversion from a ZX6R. This was never meant to be a crazy custom build, just taking what was already a great bike and bringing everything up to date and making it what we felt was a great balance between looks and comfort.