Motorcycle Mob

My social media feed is my primary source of news. This is probably not a good thing, but it’s a thing. My feed has blown up in the past couple of days with the news of a swarm of sport bike riders terrorizing highways in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The videos shot from a traffic […]

Motorcycle Culture in London

My wife, and daughter and I took a trip to London this summer to visit some high school friends, and have a look around. Our preferred method of touristing when in a new city, is simply to lace up our shoes and start walking. It’s useful to have a bit of a plan to avoid […]

More Musings on Ducati

There have been periodic rumours about Ducati releasing a V4 road super-sport before, but this time it looks like it’s for real. Claudio Domenicalli has confirmed that they are working on such a thing, and a special edition 1299 Panigale has also been announced which looks suspiciously like a going-away party. But what’s the big […]

Ducati Monster

My pal Chuck asked me if I would do the valve lash adjustment on his Ducati Monster 1100 Evo; a beautiful bike, I might add. One of the last full-on air cooled beasts. The finishes are beautiful*, and all the major** components look like artwork you could hang on your wall. This appears to be Ducati […]